Fundraising For Poly Football

The Green & Orange, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c )3 tax exempt organization whose sole purpose is to support Poly Football. This is so important because school districts were forced to deeply cut funding for athletic programs after Proposition 13 was passed in 1976 and those funds were never replaced. Almost every non-academic function of the school system was suddenly impacted and parents at that time saw the need to continue these vital programs one way or another. (You may recall a day when we were able to get driver’s education in the public schools.) Without the hard work of concerned parents, most of the athletic programs would have been suspended for lack of money.

We recognize the importance of athletic and music programs and their value to our children, and each of these programs have booster organizations to support their continued service. Our mission, as the Green & Orange, Inc., is just one of many and it is critical to the continuance of Poly Football.

What Do We Do To Raise Money?

Snack Bar

Our single largest year-round revenue generation comes from the operation of the snack bar at home games. We buy all the food and beverages and then, with the help and hard work of several volunteers, sell it at the games for a modest profit. We cannot thank the people who donate their time enough. 

Golf Tournament

By far our most intensive fund-raising effort, this one-day event generates revenue to purchase the uniforms and equipment  not provided by the school. Again this was possible only through the labor of our corps of over 20 volunteers who gave their entire day. Additionally, although the event occurs on a single day, our golf committee members were hard at work for months before the tournament soliciting sponsorship’s and prize donations to make it a success.

Other Fundraising Methods

We also raise money by selling memberships to the Green & Orange, buying and selling merchandise at the games, organizing car washes, selling discount cards, Homecoming pancake breakfast, raffles, season ticket sales, program advertising, and the solicitation of donations from family and friends of our team.

Our annual budget continues to increase and donates and funds earned are vital to sustain the program and bring back the Poly Powerhouse.

Where Does The Money Go?

None of the money raised is used to compensate any member of the Green & Orange. 100% of the proceeds go to support the team.

We provide the uniforms for the team which have to be replaced on a rotating basis for each of our three teams (Varsity, Junior Varsity and Freshmen) every two or three years because of wear. The cost to replace uniforms averages over $20,000 per year.

We cannot thank our coaches enough for their dedicated hard work. Not many people realize that the vast majority of our coaches are “walk-on” volunteer coaches who work several hours every day all year long on their own time to help our kids. For that reason, we pick up the tab for their necessary expenses which include certification, background and drug tests, clinics and training seminars, and other expenses as they appear.

In honor of our original founding organizer, Gary (Papa Bear) Rawlings, we give a $1,000 scholarship known as the “Papa Bear” scholarship, to the most deserving player of the year as determined by our head coach.

Last year we spent over $8,000 on much-needed, safer sled to build our young athletes and there’s more needed in that department. Our goal is to provide the team with a full staff of paid coaches specializing to developing our players. 

Each week we provide the team with food between weight-lifting and football practice to provide them with the necessary nutrition to perform at their best.

At year’s end, we sponsor an awards banquet to recognize all the hard work of the players and coaching staff throughout the year.

Financial Responsibility

Our organization’s primary goal is to raise money in pursuit of our mission to support the team. For this reason, we recognize that the money we raise must be spent in a prudent and responsible manner and we treat that money just as if it was coming out of our own pocket. We feel we have a duty to our sponsors and donors to be able to assure them that their contributions were used only for the reasons intended. We strive to earn and keep our generous donors’ trust by spending the money wisely and being as frugal as possible to keep expenses in check.

Your support of our team on the field is greatly appreciated. You can also support Poly Football by actively participating in the Green & Orange. Donations are always welcome, but we also need to have a dedicated group of volunteers who recognize the need to help the team.

Please contact us, via our Sponsor Information Request form, and don’t be shy about getting involved. Whether you’re a parent, grandparent, sibling, aunt, uncle or just a close family friend, we welcome your participation and support.

GO BEARS 2018-2019!