How Much Does it Cost to Play Football for Poly?

There is no direct cost to join the team. Players are encouraged to purchase a basic spirit pack, at a minimum, to wear during practice. This typically costs $35 (players may opt for more expensive gear if they wish) and consists of workout clothing including a shirt and shorts with the Poly logo. Players must also pass a physical exam at their own expense. This can be accomplished with their own physician, but most players opt to have the physical completed at school by the Sports Clinic of Riverside at a much reduced rate. Although uniforms are provided, players must also have their own set of cleats as well.

Can I Play Other Sports than Football as Well?

The Poly athletic department encourages cross-training in as many sports as possible. Several football players also participate in track, baseball and wrestling, for example. However, insofar as the seasons overlap, it must be remembered that football practice is intense and requires 100% commitment during the practice and playing season.

Do I Need Prior Experience to Join the Poly Football Team?

Prior experience is not a requirement, but it should be kept in mind that it is helpful. Incoming freshmen with prior experience in Pop Warner, All American, or any similar youth football program will be better prepared to handle the conditioning and teamwork essential to make any football program succeed.

How Much Time Will be Required?

Football is an intense athletic endeavor and will require you to commit to a significant amount of time to practice. During the season, practice takes place after school four days each week and games are played on the fifth day. Practices generally run about 3 hours long. You will need to use your time efficiently so that you can keep up with your homework, attend football practice, and get adequate rest overnight.

What is Expected of Players?

Players and their parents are expected to assist in the critical fundraising of the booster club to provide vital equipment and training for the team. Occasionally they will be asked to sell discount coupons, raffle tickets and pancake breakfast tickets. They will also be expected to participate in car washes on weekends on campus.

What are the Eligibility Requirements to Play Football?

Each player must complete a physical exam to insure physical fitness to play. Most importantly, each player must maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA to continue participating in the sport.

Are Parents Required to Attend Practice?

No. Unlike Pop Warner, parents are encouraged, but not required, to attend practice at their own discretion. Most importantly, parents are urged to attend the games and show support for their student athletes.

What Does it Cost to Watch the Games?

Varsity game admission is $7 subject to change. Season tickets may be purchased in advance from the booster organization, Green & Orange, for $40 for the home games. JV and Freshman games cost $3 to attend and season tickets will also be available for these games.

Will I be Guaranteed an Opportunity to Play?

Football is a competitive sport. The amount of time a player will be utilized will depend solely on the player’s effort and ability. There is no guarantee of any minimum amount of play time.

What Can Parents Do to Support their Child in Football?

Parents can closely monitor their child and assure that they are using their time wisely to keep up with their studies and to get adequate rest and nutrition. They can participate with the booster program (Green & Orange) and volunteer their services to help with the fundraising that is vital to support the needs of the team. They can be encouraging and supportive in all respects and show their support by attending the games.

Who is in Charge of the Football Program?

The head varsity coach oversees the entire football program. Any questions or concerns that cannot be adequately addressed by the student’s immediate coach regarding football should then be taken to the head coach for resolution.

What is a Booster Club?

Green & Orange is the official booster club of the Poly football program. It consists of volunteer parents and its sole mission is to support the Poly football program. By and large, it is a year-round fundraising organization which provides vital funding for the purchase of equipment, training and uniforms for the players as well as the coaching staff. The booster club operates the snack bar at home games and coordinates a variety of other fundraising activities. The booster club also purchases and sells merchandise at the games and other events throughout the year. Parents are encouraged to volunteer and help the Green & Orange support their children.

How do I Join the Booster Club?

You may go to the Contact Us page of this web site and let us know you are interested. Generally, the booster club meets somewhere on campus (usually the theater or the library) on the first Wednesday of each month, subject to change. Notification is given to booster members via the Green & Orange email list. Please provide us with your email address when you contact us to receive pertinent notifications.