Welcome to the official website of Poly Bears Football at Riverside Polytechnic High School in Riverside, California. Poly High is the oldest high school in Riverside (1903) and the football team and coaching staff is supported in large part by the football boosters organization named “Green & Orange, Inc.” which drew its name in accordance with the school colors.

Green & Orange is a 501(c)(3) non-profit fundraising organization incorporated under the laws of the State of California since 1974.

The sole mission of  Green & Orange is to support the Poly Football Program.  We work year-round to raise funds that are essential to properly equip our coaches and players.  Nobody who volunteers for Green & Orange is compensated and all funds that are generated are used in pursuit of our mission to support our kids.

Money raised by Green & Orange is used to purchase equipment to outfit the weight room, uniforms for the players, coaches clinics, background checks and drug screenings and a myriad of other expenses associated with the football program.

In addition to financial support, our corps of volunteers works diligently to provide water and nutrition during practices and weekly team meals for the varsity team during the season.

If you have a child in Poly Football, or even if you’re simply a supporter (e.g. alumni) of the football program, we welcome your involvement and invite you to join Green & Orange, Inc.